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Protect Organics Stop GM Alfalfa

This is perhaps the most urgent concern, please care and take action, I know I will because I care about you, about our land and our future.

Urgent Action Required to Stop GM #Alfalfa in #Canada

**** Click, print and distribute the attached handout. ***


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  1. Rachel, I have just listened to your live interview with Kevin O’Leary. I am so proud of you and the way you stood your ground. I am sorry you had to be put against two adults, who were trying to change your pointe of view. Always be strong,as you were, and don’t
    be mislead by individuals who try to sway your belief. I am an adult against GMO food. I am with you and am glad you are with us!!
    I am part of the Michagan non-gmo group who also are fighting for labeling.
    lori kusmierz

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