It's time to label GMOs

A Note from Rachel

Thank you for visiting! This blog was inspired to educate youth in informing youth about food, nutrition, health, environmental and social issues affecting us all today. Mostly hoping to educate about the importance of understanding, loving and respecting our precious soil, water and seeds. We are so blessed in Canada, to have beautiful fertile land and mostly clean sparkling water- allowing us to grow plenty of healthy foods and healing herbs.

We are so lucky to have advancements in farm production and distribution.

But I hope that, in this age of everything becoming faster, better, and more advanced, we don’t forget about nature.

~ I hope we don’t value wealth over health ~ and that we consider the true cost of our advancements to the environment, eco system  and to our health. As a teen, I’m very concerned about my future and the future of our planet.

I believe that we have to slow down a bit and go back to our roots of sustainable farming, crop diversity and minimized use of harmful Herbicides and pesticides, the way it’s been done for thousands of years.

I strongly belief that we need to fight for our seed freedom, our environment and our basic human right to choose healthy food.

So I encourage everyone, especially the youth to learn more about the food we eat and how it is produced.

“Always leave the earth better than you found it “

Thank you for caring

~ Rachel Parent ~

  1. G’day Rachel my name is Emma and I live in Brisbane Australia although I am English. I have just seen your interview on the O’Leary exchange and I have to say you were absolutely fantastic, I heard and understood everything you said and I could not believe how very patronising O’Leary was, you had to keep repeating yourself and he still kept treating you like you did not understand and that it was some sort of teenage faize! As a mother of a twelve year old I am always worrying what I give him to eat and try and give him unprocessed foods, however as we are exposed to GMO’s even in our fresh Vegetables we so do need labelling and I think you are an inspiring young woman and I just wanted to say you have inspired me and I am 42 years of age, so you keep up all the excellent work you are doing. Regards Emma

  2. Hello Rachel! My name is Francisco Gonzalez, I just saw an iterview with you at Lang and O’Leary Exchange, and I just wanted you to know about what’s happening in Mexico, my homeland. Well, you should know that our Mesoamerincan ancestors domesticated corn around 8000 years ago, and when the Conquistadores came they spread corn to Europe and other places. The knowledge from our ancestors has made its way to our days as indian communities still possess the ancestral knowledge of corn–and it’s still evolving. Corn is part of our cultural wealth and it has provided food for us for generations.

    There are 55 different corn species in Mexico, but soon they will be endangered because our government has recently given Monsanto permission to plant their GMO corn in the northern part of the country. Many people here are unaware of the dangers posed by this, as everyone is concerned more with the recent constitutional reforms being carried out by president Peña Nieto. Our corn is being threatened along with our food sovereignty. Proof of this is that Monsanto is even funding a Corn Museum in the state of Oaxaca, where the grains that our people have cultivated will be kept, so as to let “children know what our ancient corn cultivation was like”.

    I believe this is an awful situation an important part of our identity is being endangered, and our indigenous people will also be in danger of being sued by those f***ers of Monsanto like those farmers in India. We will also be forced to buy Monsanto their corn every year, killing our economic and food independence.

    Keep it up girl! We have a long battle against the Leviathan.


  3. OMG Rachel you were fabulous with O’Leary. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    You might like my small effort to help the cause – a satirical song I wrote last year called ‘Frankenfood’. It’s on my website

    Best wishes from Carp, Ontario


  4. Hi Rachel, Saw you on The Lang And O’Leary Exchange. Your wise beyond your years little one but that is a good thing.I just wanted to maybe add some fire to your fight.Maybe a long time study on GMO’s has already been underway and i may be the only one who even see’s it which that in itself is frightening. As we all know with the new health laws 15 million children will be able to now get healthcare coverage with serious previous conditions. My point is why is 1 in 5 children seriously ill?Thats 15 mill outta 75 million children.Just something to think about and maybe look into. Good Luck little one keep fighting the good fight. For all of our future.Peace Jim

  5. Thank you for making us aware. The more information you put out there, the more people are going to have to do something about it. I feel that if there are more protests for what is right we can make things happen. We need to be the change we want to see and do something for the rights of all. You have many supporters out there! Keep up the great work and lets get everyone the facts!

    It’s lovely to see such a young lady informing people – Because everyone has the right to know.

  6. Rachel I am impressed with how mature you are for your age. I wouldn’t see myself going onto national television and discussing an issue as large and diverse as GMO’s. However I have not heard you mention some very important factors. You might be interested in knowing if you are not aware already, that during the pollination period of GMO’s the pollinating insects, that are not affected by the injected insecticides carry the genetically modified cells to other crops that are not meant for genetic modification; such as organic. The problem is not only the purposefully injected and modified foods, but also the changes that are happening unintentionally in nature that are unstoppable and unchangeable once done.

    Keep it up you have a good argument!


  7. Rachel,

    You are an amazing and brave young lady! I believe in your cause and I believe in you! You Go Girl!!!

    All the best,


  8. Rachel, you are wonderful. You stick to your convictions, and don’t let the REAL shills push you around like that O’leary dude tried to do. You are so articulate and passionate, and you are smart enough to stay on your point. The thing about these kinds of issues, is you just have to follow the money.

    There is little enough to be hopeful about in our tired old world, I am so thankful to have you out there re-kindling hope!!

  9. Hi Rachle,

    We are starting our own podcast and we would love to feature you as one of our guest! We think you are doing wonders for this important message.

    Let me know if your interested in being on the show – I would love to have a chance to talk with you.

    The podcast is called: “Rendezvous’s interviews with awesome people doing awesome things”


  10. Hi Rachel,

    We are starting our own podcast and we would love to feature you as one of our guest! We think you are doing wonders for this important message.

    Let me know if your interested in being on the show – I would love to have a chance to talk with you.
    The podcast is called: “Rendezvous’s interviews with awesome people doing awesome things”


  11. Amazing work Rachel, Keep it up, our goal should be NO GMO’s, but labeling is a great starting point. Love your passion and knowledge.

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