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August 6, 2014 2:23 pm
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Over 60 countries around the world ban, restrict, and label GMOs—including the entire European Union—but not Canada. Click the TAKE ACTION link up above to find out what you can do…

Calling Canada’s Health Minister Rona Ambrose…

After submitting two couriered letters, coordinating two awareness marches, and making several television appearances, GMO educator and activist Rachel Parent still hasn’t been able to catch the attention of Canada’s Minister of Health Rona Ambrose.

In fact the Canadian Government appears to have completely ignored citizen feedback about GMOs in their food label improvement consultation process earlier this year…

On page 12 of Health Canada’s consultation report, Canadian citizens made it clear that GMO Labelling was a priority. However as per the section titled ”Summary of Proposed Changes” on the subsequent Health Canada website page about proposed food labelling changes, there is absolutely NO mention of GMO identification being added to Canada’s food labels.

Countries require GMO labeling

Over 60 countries around the world ban, restrict, and label GMOs—including the entire European Union—but not Canada.

Rachel is concerned about public safety and the lack of transparency in the Canadian government surrounding food and our health. After researching the topic of GMOs diligently for the past 3 years, she’s not convinced that GMOs are safe for anything or anyone.

It’s time for Canadian citizens to take it to the next level.

Our mission is simple:  convince Ms. Ambrose to meet with Rachel, to gain a first-hand look at all of the  peer-reviewed, scientific research about the dangers of genetically engineered food, with the goal of labeling all foods that contain GMOs.

Tell Ms. Ambrose to meet with Rachel Parent! Here’s how…

image001Here’s what to say…

(feel free to shorten, change, or elaborate as you prefer):

Ms. Ambrose, as a Canadian citizen concerned about my health, (the health of my family), and the health of all of our citizens, I am contacting you to request that you meet with Rachel Parent, founder of Kids Right to Know, to discuss the topic of genetically engineered food.

Like Rachel, I am concerned about the safety, the lack of independent testing, and the lack of public transparency surrounding GMOs. With over 60 countries around the world banning, restricting, and labeling GMOs—including the entire European Union—I firmly believe it is your responsibility to bring mandatory GMO Labeling to Canada. Please show all of us that you care: schedule a meeting with Rachel Parent of Kids Right to Know.

Other ways to take action…

  • Ask Rachel to speak at your school or environmental event
  • Look for and buy ‘Non-GMO project’ labeled grocery items
  • Ask your supermarket if they sell GMO sweet corn and tell the supermarket manager your concerns

Rachel’s second couriered letter to Ms. Ambrose