Great Meeting with Rona Ambrose to Discuss GMOs

November 7, 2014 5:00 pm
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Rachel Parent Rona Ambrose handshake

For more than a year, Rachel Parent has challenged Rona Ambrose to discuss the labelling of genetically modified food. Finally after Global Canada News got involved, Canada’s Health Minister met with Rachel at 4 pm this past Wednesday November 5 in Ottawa.

Scheduled for 30 minutes, the meeting ran closer to 45 minutes. Rachel emerged from the meeting with a smile on her face. “[Ms. Ambrose] was very willing to listen, which was amazing, she was just very kind, sweet and receptive. She told us that she did know Canadians want GMOs labelled.”

Indeed, polling shows close to 90% of Canadians would like mandatory GMO labelling.

Canada GMO Labelling 90 percent poll

The following day, MP Murray Rankin held a press conference for Rachel to summarize the outcome and why she believes GMO labelling is so important to Canadian citizens. Watch it here:

Ms. Ambrose also gave a press conference┬áthat day, in which she reinforced her belief in the safety of GMOs. However she asked Rachel to meet with Health Canada Scientists and Researchers that make these decisions “so [Rachel] can give them some of the information that she gave to me.”

Up next for Rachel: a meeting with Health Canada officials!

Read the full report and watch the video here:

Rachel Parent GMO labelling outside parliament