I-522 Fundraiser at Natural Products Expo East - September 2013

September 17, 2013 5:29 pm
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Above, from left to right: Birke Baehr, Vani Hari, Rachel Parent, Max Goldberg

At Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Rachel was a guest speaker at a fundraising event held by Vani Hari (FoodBabe) and Max Goldberg (Living Maxwell) to raise money for I-522, the campaign for GMO labeling in Washington state.

Rachel youth Birke Baehr Uplift med
Here Rachel meets the awesome Campaigning USA groups that are fighting hard for GMO labeling in the USA, joined by Birke Baehr on the right.

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The sold-out dinner was packed with organic food industry executives, CEOs, and founders; Rachel loved the opportunity of meeting with the most amazing activists of the movement, Nutiva, Food Democracy now, GMO Inside, and the many organizations and members representing the labeling initiatives.

At the end of her speech, Rachel received a standing ovation, with people screaming loudly “Rachel for President!” Later after the event, Rachel was visiting a store in the Bay Area where she found this sweater with the same message. 🙂