Rona Ambrose Ready to Discuss GMOs with Rachel Parent

October 17, 2014 4:31 pm
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Rona Ambrose Canada Health Minister

Rachel Parent is thrilled to announce that Canada’s Health Minister Rona Ambrose has agreed to meet with her to discuss the topic of GMOs!

After submitting two couriered letters to Ms. Ambrose over the past year, coordinating two awareness marches, making several television appearances, and giving a well-received presentation at TEDx Toronto, GMO educator and activist Rachel Parent is delighted to report that Ms. Ambrose has responded to her request for a meeting.

On Monday October 6, Global News National’s Allison Vuchnich met with Health Minister Rona Ambrose to talk about her decision. Said Ms. Ambrose, “I’d be happy to meet with her, I think it’s fantastic that someone her age is so actively involved in this issue and actively involved in what she sees as a really important issue for Canadians and for kids. I think it’s wonderful and I’d be happy to meet with her.”

However Ms. Ambrose is less enthusiastic about the the primary topic of Rachel’s meeting with her, the labelling of GMO foods in Canada:

“If we had the evidence that this was unhealthy, Health Canada would act and impose mandatory labels,” says Ms. Ambrose. “That’s our job, is to keep Canadians safe and healthy and make sure our food is safe and healthy.”

Countries require GMO labeling

If 64 other countries around the world currently label, restrict, or outright ban genetically engineered foods, why is Ms. Ambrose hesitating?

According to Ms. Ambrose, it’s a lack of evidence: “Right now there is no scientific evidence that conclusively says in any way that genetically modified foods are unhealthy for Canadians.”


Rachel’s Goal: plenty of evidence

If Ms. Ambrose’s job is to keep Canadians safe and healthy and make sure their food is safe and healthy…

If the only thing Ms. Ambrose is waiting for to label GMOs in Canada is evidence

Rachel is prepared to give her as much evidence as possible. We’ve assembled a list of what we believe are the most compelling peer-reviewed* studies that disprove the so-called safety claims of the GMO industry.

*Having a study that’s been “peer reviewed” is important—not only to validate the credibility of the study, but because that’s often the first excuse used by the pro-GMO industry to disregard a study with a negative GMO safety finding.

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Together, let’s get Rona Ambrose to agree… Canadians Want GMOs Labelled!