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Pollinator Petitions


Water Rights


Climate Action


Regenerative Agriculture

Protecting Pollinators


Factory Farms and Farm Animal Rights

Genetically Engineered Organisms (GMOs) and Gene Editing




Migrant Worker Rights

Fair Trade Products and Practices, Child Labor, and Indigenous Rights

GMO Petitions
Factory Farms Petitions
Pesticide Petitions
Regeneration Farm Animal Petitions
Migrant Worker Rights
Fair Trde Rights
Water Petitions
Climate Petitions
Seed Petitions


In order for our message to reach every young person—not only in our own country of Canada, but throughout the world—we need your help. Follow us on social media. Attend a talk in your local community. Participate in our awareness events. Donate to help us develop truthful educational materials and videos, so that youth all around the world can understand the plight of our world, and take action together. Your involvement, as well as your donations, really do make a difference!

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