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The Power of Youth

If you're overwhelmed by all the news regarding the state of our environment, global warming, industrial agriculture, factory farms, genetically modified organisms in our food, and more, take solace in the fact that people are stepping forward all around the world. Strong voices are ringing out... by adding your voice, you CAN and DO make a difference!  We’re not just the future of our country and our world, we MAKE the future.

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Kids Right to Know seeks to educate youth about their right to make informed and sound choices in the areas of health, environment, agriculture, climate, animal welfare, and human rights. By inspiring youth to care, protect, and take action, we seek to make the world a better place for humans, animals, and our planet.


Kids Right to Know Founder

Food and Climate Justice Activist

TEDx Speaker



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Rachel Parent is a relentless environmental, climate, and food justice advocate. She has a passionate and strong commitment to help motivate our youth, our communities, and our policy makers to take simple actions every day for the protection of our world and everyone's future.

At 11 years old, Rachel began researching for a school project and became alarmed by what she learned. This gave her the spark to become an activist fighting for our right to know about the negative impacts to our world. That spark evolved into what's now known as Kids Right to Know, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth about environmental awareness, food safety, animal welfare, and ways that all of us can make healthier, more informed choices for humans, animals, and our planet.

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Become a Friend of Kids Right to Know

In order for our message to reach every young person—not only in our own country of Canada, but throughout the world—we need your help. Follow us on social media. Attend a talk in your local community. Participate in our awareness events. Help us develop truthful educational materials and videos, and achieve even broader media outreach. Your involvement, as well as your donations, really do make a difference!

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