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Join our exciting new project, the Kids Right to Know Community Garden and education space in York Region, Ontario! 

This is a youth-led space where we are teaching children, teens, adults, and the elderly to grow their own food, create community, and give back to those in need: the majority of the produce grown is donated to local charities and organizations.


With volunteers from all walks of life, this unique project gives everyone a chance to work together on the common goal of reconnecting with our food and the earth. We all have a place in this garden.


The Kids Right to Know Community Garden is also an educational space where we are teaching the public, especially the youth, about environmental issues including ways to protect and plant for pollinators such as monarchs and bees, methods for growing organically, and regenerative agriculture models.

Kids Right to Know Community Garden - Year 1

Our first prototype garden was much smaller, but in three short growing months, we were able to grow over 500 pounds of food for donation.

The Kids Right to Know Community Garden educates in two ways:

Hands On:


By creating a garden that produces bountiful harvests and becomes a pollinator haven, filled with protective plants, people gain first hand environmental and food growing knowledge, with topics that include companion planting, natural pest deterrents, pollinator protection planting, soil enhancement, native plant species, permaculture practices, and more.

Events and Film Screenings:


Using the garden as our theme and organized by our youth volunteers, we are hosting documentary nights to show the public beautiful films about various environmental issues, while providing solutions and action items. This is our effort to branch arts and activism together, giving visibility to issues that need it most.

Rachel Toronto Kids Right to Know Vegetable Community Garden.jpg

Why a Garden?

Kids Right to Know has been running campaigns and events for over 10 years now. In the last two years I realized more than ever people are divided, polarized on issues, disconnected from themselves and others, and feeling hopeless. I recognized that people needed a place to be able to ground themselves, reconnect with the earth, and build community.


To keep this exciting project alive, we need as much support and help as possible in the form of donations and volunteers to make sure we can continue the valuable work we are doing with young people.

How You Can Help:

By making a donation, you are...

  • actively helping to educate and reconnect youth with the land;

  • grounding community in a common goal of uplifting themselves and others;

  • growing healthy minds and bodies; and

  • in this ever confusing world where we are often only presented with problems, you are contributing to a positive solution.

Interested in volunteering with us in the garden or for event creation? Click the button to email us!

Kids Right to Know Community Garden - Year 2

In our second year, the City of Richmond Hill granted us a larger, permanent space—an unused park area that was little more than a grass monoculture—to enable the Kids Right to Know Community Garden to expand and flourish. 



In order for our message to reach every young person—not only in our own country of Canada, but throughout the world—we need your help. Follow us on social media. Attend a talk in your local community. Participate in our awareness events. Donate to help us develop truthful educational materials and videos, so that youth all around the world can understand the plight of our world, and take action together. Your involvement, as well as your donations, really do make a difference!

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